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How many facilities managers have this problem: Old, leaky, loud air handlers stuck in the basement or penthouse? You can't get to them without walking through a maze of hallways and elevators. You can't replace them without a crane and tearing out a wall.

Yet, due to energy efficieny programs and high maintenance costs, those old air handlers need to be replaced. It's a daunting task so it usually gets pushed back to "next year's budget".

But, it doesn't have to be that way.

Air Enterprises SiteBilt custom air handlers are Factory-Fabricated and Site-Assembled. They’re designed and built with the same high quality casing construction and components as our Factory-Assembled air handling units.

SiteBilt AHUs are ideal for replacement or retrofit applications, especially in tight, “inaccessible” spaces. SiteBilt sub-assemblies and components are easily transported through doorways, hallways, elevators, etc., for assembly in place.

SiteBilt is installed with little or no building modification – and minimal disruption.

The SiteBilt System optimizes available mechanical space by incorporating existing columns, beams and wind-bracing into the AHU design.

SiteBilt air handlers are custom engineered to meet all your specifications for air quality, current and future loads, energy management, and long term reliability for superior ROI.

See us in action:

The SiteBilt product is truly revolutionary. It's a word that is often overused, but when you can replace a large air handler in the basement of a hospital in 3 days, fitting it through a 3 foot door, eliminating cranes, eliminating wall demolition, and vastly minimizing down time, revolutionary is the only word to describe it.

It's more than a product; it's a total solution. It's more than parts and pieces showing up on your loading dock. It's a process of careful site evaluations, noting the pinch points. It's detailed communications with your team and your consulting engineers. It's evaluating your needs and concerns, and building in growth potential for the future. A SiteBilt AHU is more than just an air handler: it's a solution.

No one else has this level of quality in their product, and no one else has the experience and "team mindset" to pull off a susccessful project the way we can.

At MonMan, we do more than sell equipment. We sell solutions. We sell peace of mind, efficiency and a better way of doing things. If you're ready to take your energy efficiency program to the next level, but are stuck with aging air handlers in hard to reach areas, give us a call. We can help.

At MonMan, we're not a vendor; we're a partner.

Email us about replacing old air handlers in tight spots.

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