Raised Access Floor

Raised Floors Add Value to your Facility


Raised Flooring is a vital part of how your facility operates. By elevating the working floor surface from your subfloor (often concrete or wood), you create a useful space for air distribution, power cables, and data and voice wires.

Once only used in data centers and electrical control rooms, many architects and facility owners/operators are finding out about the benefits of raised floors.

Are you unsure of how to manage all of your wires and cables? Do you expect future growth and need to allocate floorspace for more workstations? Do you want the utility of overhead cable distribution without the ugly cable trays that get in the way?

You Need a Raised Floor!

This type of floor has been used in industrial applications for over half a century. Initially as a way to run piping and provide flood protection, the benefits of these floors continues to grow, with clients seeking out all that access flooring has to offer: Easy cable management, piping and conduit access, flood protection and underfloor air distribution.

It's Not Just for Data Centers

Some of the first facilities to use raised floor were heavy industrial electrical rooms, since the elevated floors provided a way to run cables while protecting against floods. The data center (IT) industry soon saw the benefit, and raised floors became part of the standard data center design.

Now, in the 21st century, use of these all-purpose floors is exploding into other industries. We have installed raised access floors in all sorts of locations:

  • Data Centers
  • Command/Operations Centers
  • Trading Floors
  • Office Space
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Retails Space
  • Broadcasting Studios and Production Space

The possibilities are endless. So, how do you know if you could benefit from a raised floor? Do you need a convenient way of managing wires, cables and piping? Do you need underfloor air distribution? Do you need an easy way to reconfigure your work spaces? Raised flooring can help solve these problems!

A Reputation of Quality

We've been building the best raised floors around, from 1" high to over 10 feet high. We' ve replaced and repaired floors in small server closets, and built out facilities with over 100,000 square feet. No job is too small or too big, and you won't find a company that is more dedicated to quality and customer service than MonMan!

We're more than a raised floor design, and we're more than an installer. Your facility is in good hands with us, from conceptualization through installation. Your technical needs will be met while creating a space that is comfortable and productive for your employees and customers.

We strongly believe in mixing old-fashioned customer service and quality with the best technology and products available.

Netfloor Low Profile Floors

Do you need a flexible and easy method of routing cables and power wires, but don't need underfloor airflow and don't like the look of overhead cable distribution? Take a look at our low profile, cable management floors!

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