Thermodry Laundry Energy Recovery

Thermodry Laundry Energy Recovery

Energy Recovery System for Commercial & Industrial Laundry Facilities

The Highest Quality, Best Performing Energy Recovery Solution for Industrial Laundry Drying

The commercial and industrial laundry market’s finest energy efficient and sustainable dryer solution; drastically improving the performance and operational costs of any laundry dryer system.

Take advantage of federal and state incentives with available industry experts that can assist in project funding. Capital investment that can save 40% – 50% on average in energy expenses.

For use in commercial laundry facilities, as well as institutional facilities, Thermodry brings a sense of fresh air to stagnant, energy-hungry laundry dryers.

Designed and manufactured by Air Enterprises, using Thermowheel® the leading energy recovery wheel with decades of installations and ZERO FAILURES!

What is It?

Thermodry is a technology and product that recovers wasted exhaust heat  from industrial laundry dryers, and uses that energy to reduce dry times and drastically reduce energy consumption.

How does it work?

The Thermodry module is installed in your dryer's exhaust stream and captures waste heat. This heat is then reused to reduce dry times and energy consumption.

When will I see results?

Immediately. Your first load of laundry will take less time to dry and will use 40%-50% less energy than before. Payback periods are often less than 2 years (this will offset the cost of the entire unit).

Thermodry Laundry Energy Recovery

High-quality design

  • Lightweight, all-aluminum units
  • Pre-programmed controls
  • Rugged energy recovery wheel with a 10 year parts and labor warranty

Advanced technology

Thermodry™ is the market’s leading laundry energy recovery solution, with features such as:

  • Up to 50% energy savings
  • Single-point power
  • Self-cleaning residual lint removal
  • Inside, outside and roof-mounted options
  • Reduced maintenance and improved accessibility
  • Reduced Drying times (Up to 20% shorter drying times)

MonMan Turnkey Packages

  • Free site evaluation
  • Free energy analysis
  • Complete turnkey solution for new dryer installations and retrofit applications
  • Operational energy analysis are available

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