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Prioritizing Facility Projects: Urgent vs. Important

How to Make Tough Decisions, Fast.

MonMan Project Management

I wanna be like Ike!

Why Athletes Make Great Business People

How to Win in Business

Why athletes make great businesspeople

Athletes make great business people? What?!? What about all those pro athletes that go bankrupt once they retire? You know, the ones that have to travel to communist countries as sports ambassadors to keep up their lifestyle.

Let's Ban "Mission Critical"!

MonMan Let's Ban Mission Critical

Wikipedia defines Mission Critical as: "...any factor of a system...whose failure will result in the failure of business operations."

Ok, fair enough.

On first glance, I came up with a few examples of what I would consider mission critical failures:

There Are No Freebies - Lessons From the 2014 Super Bowl

I really wanted the Broncos to win. I’ve spent time in Denver, and it’s a great town. Colorado is a beautiful state that offers anyone anything. But I don’t hold any allegiance to Denver or the Broncos, although their executive VP, John Elway, is a legend. I didn’t follow their season, and I don’t have their jersey.

Still, I really wanted the Broncos to win!

The Replacement of AHU-17 Part II

The Replacement of AHU-17

A Lighthearted Look at Selling a True HVAC Solution. The below is based on a real life story, with some color added...

Imagine a fifteen story building on the outskirts of downtown. Its brick facade and architectural highlights place its age at 40 years or more. The trees lining the street are mature, tall, and provide plenty of shade during the summer.  It's not the brightest building on the block, but it certainly has earned its keep.


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