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LayerZero Power Systems designs the world's most reliable and technologically advanced power distribution products, including Static Transfer Switches, Power Distribution Units, and Remote Power Panels.

Layer Zero IS the Foundation Layer

Mission Critical Power Solutions

Our diverse product line covers every aspect of data center power management between the UPS distribution boards to your server strips.  It is engineered to keep your power on during the most vigorous fluctuations in power consistency and availability. Quality built and strenuously tested, our products do not contain any single points of failure, ensuring that your systems will keep operating under the most demanding situations. LayerZero products are relied upon in a collection of financial institutions, 911 emergency response centers,  credit card processing, and data centers; with a history of faultless success. When your application calls for power that needs to be on 24-7, trust LayerZero.

Static Transfer Switches

LayerZero static transfer switches are extraordinarily robust, capable of transferring power between two sources in a quarter of a cycle. They are able to provide transfers with inrush mitigation even when the source is completely out-of-phase. When equipped with Triple Modular Redundant circuitry, our transfer switches provide power that is ten times more reliable than alternative configurations, perfectly suited for critical applications. The eSTS and ePODs lines both feature our InSight Porthole thermal scanning technology, allowing operators to check  on bolted connections safely. All LayerZero eSTS products feature battery-backed waveform capture of all transfers and overload inhibits; are web enabled and protected behind a VPN router.

Power Distribution Units

The ePODs line of PDUs offer safety, connectivity, and information centric options that are second to none, including an IP-20 compliant finger-safe panel board, real-time remote power usage monitoring capabilities, and waveform captures for forensic diagnostics. In addition, LayerZero power distribution units will help your data center save on energy usage when the optional high efficiency transformer is installed.

Remote Power Panels

LayerZero eRPPs have pioneered an assortment of exclusive breakthrough safety technologies that offer a dramatically higher level of protection than any other line in the industry, such as the fully enclosed IP-20 compliant SafePanels, plug in circuit breakers, and isolated non-conducting bolt-on screws. Also, we provide connectivity to a range of open protocols - including http, SNMP, Modbus TCP, and Bluetooth, helping data center operators compile exceptionally accurate power usage statistics to assist with planning and energy budgeting.

Monitoring Management (MonMan) is the factory-authorized representative for Layer Zero PDUs, RPPs and Static Switches for North Carolina and South Carolina.  Monitoring Management (MonMan) is the Layer Zero rep for all cities in North Carolina and South Carolina including: Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Asheville, Fayetteville, Columbia, Greenville, Spartanburg, Charleston.

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