Stulz Compact CWE

Stulz Compact CWE

The CompactCWE is an efficient perimeter cooling unit with sizes up to 100 tons and using EC Plenum fans

Stulz Compact CWE

The Stulz Compact CWE is Stulz's flagship line. This is the unit that started the efficient EC Plenum fan revolution a decade ago. Now, Stulz leads the way in innovation of design.

With sizes from 10 tons through 100 tons, the Stulz Compact CWE series is the world's most comprehensive, efficient and flexible CRAH product available!

EC Plenum Fans

Efficient, Redundant, Reliable

Our customers experience a 30%-40% energy savings with the Compact CWE and its EC Fans. That is a real world, verifiable, instant energy savings you'll be happy with 24/7/365.


Efficient Cabinet Design

You can't drop a Big Block engine into an economy car and call it a hot rod! And you can't drop an EC Fan into your outdated CRAC/CRAH design and call it "efficient".

Stulz understands that the efficient fans are just one component of a system, and has redesigned the Compact CWE from the ground up to have lower pressure drops, fewer airflow impedements and a cleaner, smoother interior finish. End result: A true hot rod!


V Frame Coil

It's hard to believe that something as simple as flipping a standard A-Frame coil (to make a V-Frame coil) could help improve efficiency and airflow, but it does.

By taking the extra step during production and mounting the custom V-Frame coils, Stulz opens up the cavity between the coil and the fans, where most of the air mixing occurs. The result is lower pressure drop, better air mixing, and very happy customers!


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