Stulz CyberRow

Stulz CyberRow

The CyberRow is a DX & CW In Row cooling unit with a unique side discharge design

Stulz CyberRow: Quite Possibly the most-efficient, best-designed In Row Cooling Unit Ever.

Stulz has done it again! Stulz introduced EC Plenum fans to the Precision Cooling market in the United States nearly a decade ago, revolutionizing the data center cooling industry. With the introduction of the Stulz CyberRow In Row cooler, Stulz cements its reputation as a true innovator in data center cooling.

Stulz has brought its In Row, Rack Cooling technology to the United States in a sleek, efficient package that has some cool features:

  • Side/Horizontal Discharge brings the cold air across the front of the server cabinets
  • DX and Chilled Water designs
  • 12", 30kW DX model
  • 12", 36kW CW model
  • 24", 73kW CW model
  • Humidifier Option
  • pLAN networking Option
  • Competitive Pricing

The Stulz CyberRow is the perfect solution for data centers, especially high heat density areas, and smaller data centers that don't have excess floor space to install bulky CRAC or CRAH units.

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