I Peeked Into the Hospital's Attic, and This is What I Saw

Ebola, Flu, and Hidden Germs in the Hospital's Attic

Sampling Leaky Air Handling Unit Serving a Hospital Operating Room

The Top 5 Weird Bacteria Hiding Inside Your Hospital

Weird and Dangerous Bacteria Found Inside the Air Conditioner of an Operating Room

Contamination Inside Hospital Operating Room Air Conditioning Unit

The above image is what we grew in a Petri dish after swabbing inside the ductwork of an air conditioning unit that serves a hospital operating room. 10x magnification.

Ultraviolet Disinfection (UVC) Systems

UVC Disinfection is the only tried and true method of killing off bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus in air and water.

With bacteria developing resistance to antibiotics at an alarming rate, and the increase of nomocosial (hospital-acquired) infections, there has never been a better time to evaluation your HVAC sanitation system.

MonMan performs microbial contamination studies for our clients, include air pressure changes (through coils), mold & bacteria samples (species and colony counts), and time lapse photography for visual verification of improvement.

Healthcare HVAC and AHU Replacement

Healthcare HVAC

Healthcare HVAC and Air Handler Replacement

MonMan provides comprehensive design, selection and development services for large, custom air handling systems.

For years, MonMan has been known for selling the best Custom Air Handlers (AHUs) available.

We have 20 years' experience in custom air handlers in these types of applications:

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