How to Manage Cables

There are many ways to manage cables, from underfloor cable management, overhead cable management, power strips and cable covers. Which system you choose depends on your needs. The days of messy cable covers and cable organizers is past, however. There are a few alternatives which offer a more flexible, robust and scalable option for routing cables.

Overhead Cable Management

Overhead Cable Management

In a process, industrial or data center environment, it is quite common to see overhead cable management. It is relatively inexpensive, affords quick access for adding or removing cables, and gets the cables up and out of the way of traffic and equipment.

Benefits of Overhead Cable Management

  • Medium Price Point
  • Elevates Cables up near ceiling height, out of the way
  • Ease of Access when adding, removing or rerouting cables

Drawbacks of Overhead Cable Management

  • Unacceptable in employee work environments (offices, call centers, command centers)
  • Cables are exposed to environment (dust, dirt, airborne contaminates, UV light)
  • Requires additional structure that is an added cost

Underfloor Cable Management

How to Manage Cables in a Floor

Benefits of Underfloor Cable Management

  • Integrates seamlessly into work environment with aesthetic finishes
  • Cables are protected from environmental contaminates
  • Utilizes the floor structure-something your facility needs anyways.
  • Low-Medium Price Point

In an office environment like a call center, command center or office space, a Low Profile Access Floor is a great way to effectively manage all of your cables: IT, voice, data and even power cables. Most low profile floors offer a built-in channel or chaseway in which to run your wires.

What To Look For

  • A modular, scalable design
  • Ability to use a variety of top finishes like: Carpet, VCT, Terrazzo, Wood and Marble
  • A design that allows for easy changes and wire rerouting
  • A design that can be redeployed should you move office locations

If you're looking for how to manage cables, take a look at cable management flooring. It is a cost effective way to run cables and wiring without being obtrusive into the workspace.

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