Raised Floor Design and Installation

No other firm offers design and installation services with the exacting standards of quality and construction that MonMan has. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality sets us worlds apart from the others.

As experts in the mission critical world, we do more than just build your floor. We design it. We integrate it. We build beautiful raised floors with a purpose: improving your uptime.

No other firm has the rich experience we have; We care about your facility as much as you do!

We offer complete raised floor project management packages:

  • Preliminary Concept
  • Design Development/Programming
  • Project Timeline and Logistics Planning
  • Raised Floor Installation
  • Room Cleaning
  • Owner Acceptance
  • Post Installation Adjustments

Preliminary Concept

We learn about your organization's needs and how a raised access floor will benefit you. We thoroughly evaluate your facility and create a preliminary proposal, including CAD drawings.

Design Development/Programming

Your team reviews our proposal and provides feedback. We don't decide on a final design until you're completely confident in the floor system you will be getting.

Project Timeline and Logistics Planning

Whether your new MonMan raised floor is part of new construction or a renovation, we work hard as a true team player, meeting all goals and deadlines. We communicate our site evaluation findings to you, and provide a project timeline.

Close attention is paid to the details like: site access, ramps, loading docks, trash disposal, not disturbing other workers or trades. We do it right the first time.

Raised Floor Installation

We believe in quality, precision and craftsmanship. We feel it's a lost art, and we're bringing it back! We pride ourselves in precise cuts, fit and finish.

Besides being anesthetically pleasing, a well-built raised floor has tangible benefits like:

  • Reduced injury risk
  • Low air leakage (increased efficiency)
  • Increased life of the floor system

No Job too Big or Small

Whether your site is 200 square feet or 200,000 square feet, we handle your project with professionalism, courtesy and attention to detail.

Contact MonMan today to talk about your raised floor project installation.

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