Humidification for Cigar and Tobacco Shops and Factories

How hard is it to keep your Humidor at 68%-72% RH?

Humidification for Cigar Shops and Tobacco Outlets - Picture of a Very Wet Ocean

Are you struggling to maintain proper humidor moisture levels? Are your tobacco products drying out, aging rapidly or turning rancid?

Are you tried of using silica gel, wet sponges or a drugstore-bought humidifier? Or worse, you don't have a humidifier at all?

It's time you contact MonMan, the expert on fine tobacco humidification!

It is a well known fact that tobacco products, especially cigars, must be stored in the proper environment to ensure the flavors and experience the cigar maker intended are conveyed to the smoker.  Temperature, humidity, air quality and light are the main factors in how a cigar is stored.

UltraSonic humidification systems are being used all over the world to provide a perfect cigar storage environment.

UltraSonic humidifiers use the best components available.  This means a water particle size of only 1-2 microns is produced.

Having Problems with your Portable Humidifier?

Nearly every one of our cigar shop/humidor clients comes to us with the same story: They knew they needed humidification, and they bought a cheap, retail humidifier from a big box store or ordered online, and they are sick and tired of it! Whether it is the poor quality unit cracking and breaking, water spilling on the floor, staining the carpet, customers commenting about how out-of-place it looks, or poor humidity control, you have probably found out very quickly that buying a cheap humidifier to condition your tobacco products just won't cut it.

You put a lot of effort into your tobacco facility, whether it's a showroom for fine cigars, a storage room or a processing facility, and your clients expect the best. That means the old, dirty humidifier sitting in the corner has got to go!

This Isn't For Everyone

Humidity control for humidorFine cigars and tobacco products aren't for the masses. Your customers demand the best products, with the finest taste, aromas and textures. Controlling the environment they are stored in is key to preserving the elegant aspects of fine tobacco, and humidity level is perhaps the single most important aspect under your control.

Our humidification systems are not the cheapest out there, but they are the best. Our ultrasonic humidification systems are not for everyone; they're for those who know what they want.

These units have a typical payback period of 1-2 years due to their 93% efficiency rating, but they'll save you even more by preventing loss of product and reduced customer returns.

Our in-house humidificaiton experts will design a system that provides incredibly clean, highly efficient humidity control to +/- 1% of your humidity setpoint. Our products are stainless steel for a refined look that will last for many years to come.

Contact us for more about humidification for your tobacco/cigar shop

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