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An ultrasonic humidifier by Humidifirst is the cleanest and most efficient method of humidifying your space.

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You know you need ultrasonic humidification, right?

Humidification, besides being a code requirement in many areas, is good for health and it's good for business.

That Warm Fuzzy Feeling - Cigar Shop Humidification

How to Control Humidity in a Cigar Shop

How to Control Humidity in a Cigar shop

As I walked through the door, the thick, sweet aroma filled my nose and instantly I was transported to a different place.

Why Humidification?

Today's high tech environment requires meticulous control of humidity to eliminate static electricity, ensure quality manufacturing processes, preserve precious documents and works of art, and provide comfort while adhering to Indoor Air Quality standards. The specific reasons to humidify are as numerous as the applications, but the purpose is common across the board: to eliminate problems that can damage products, ruin buildings, or jeopardize health.

When RH reaches levels below 35%, static electricity may develop on surfaces and materials. Static electricity is not only annoying; it can wreak havoc on computers by burning microchips, and wiping out memory cards. Elimination of static electricity also greatly reduces the risk of solvent fires in the printing industry - commercial presses develop extraordinary amounts of electricity at the roller and ignite solvents in the ink wells. And if you ever wiped your finger across your television screen you know that static electricity attracts dust, a real problem in the plastics and films manufacturing process where dust can ruin a product or in the healthcare industry where dust can kill.

Humidification for Cigar and Tobacco Shops and Factories

How hard is it to keep your Humidor at 68%-72% RH?

Humidification for Cigar Shops and Tobacco Outlets - Picture of a Very Wet Ocean

Are you struggling to maintain proper humidor moisture levels? Are your tobacco products drying out, aging rapidly or turning rancid?

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