Mission Critical (IT) Environments

Understanding the relationship between Facilities and IT is just as important as understanding the realtionship between the End User, Engineering and Contracting teams.  Service, Commissioning and Testing also have their place.

MonMan is unique in the value add we bring to our clients:  We know that each system, whether it's a UPS, CRAC unit, Blade Server connected to a SAN with Fibre Channel or your Data Center Monitoring, plays a critical role in our clients' data centers.  We know that role, we understand it, and we work with it every day.  MonMan can help you get the best equipment for your facility, and we understand how that equipment fits into the overall design and operation of your systems.

Monitoring Management only partners with manufacturers offering the total package of: quality, value, efficient technology and reliable design. Your IT center demands nothing less.

This is our offering of the best:

ClimateWorx (IT Cooling Solutions)

  • Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC units)

E1 Dynamics DRUPS (Diesel Rotary UPS)

  • DRUPS (Flywheel + Generator)
  • Ride-Through Device

Visual Data Center Monitoring

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