Air Enterprises SiteBilt Custom Air Handlers

Air Enterprises SiteBilt Custom AHUs.

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A Facilities Manager's Dream Come True

Air Enterprises SiteBilt custom air handlers are Factory-Fabricated and Site-Assembled. They’re designed and built with the same high quality casing construction and components as our Factory-Assembled air handling units.

Air Enterprises SiteBilt Custom Air Handlers

Air Enterprises SilteBilt Custom AHUs.

Air Enterprises Logo

How many facilities managers have this problem: Old, leaky, loud air handlers stuck in the basement or penthouse? You can't get to them without walking through a maze of hallways and elevators. You can't replace them without a crane and tearing out a wall.

Motivair Chilled Door

Motivair Chilled Door™ High Density Rack Cooling System



The Motivair Chilled Door™ is an active cooling system that can be fitted to the rear of any new or existing server rack via a patented sliding runner system.

Available Cooling Capacities:

Air Enterprises Custom Air Handlers



All-Aluminum Custom Air Handling Units...

Why The Highest Quality Delivers The Lowest Total Costs

  • High Quality Construction Means Low Air Leakage
  • Industry Leader in Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
  • Precision-Built Durability
  • Superior Operating Efficiency
  • Lower Lifecycle Costs
  • 100% On-Time Shipment Guaranteed

Motivair Chillers and Chilled Door

 Motivair is a leading supplier of specialty chillers and cooling systems for data centers, hospitals, industrial applications, institutional and commercial buildings. Quality, reliability and energy-saving are the three core philosophies embodied in all Motivair products, and installations are supported by a network of qualified refrigeration technicians.

Temspec Unit Ventilators

 Temspec Unit Ventilators and Fan Coil Units




Temspec Inc. manufactures equipment to address a wide range of HVAC applications, including concealed and exposed fan coil units for high-rise condominiums, hotels, retirement and student residents, and unit ventilators and heat pumps for classroom applications.

Mission Critical (IT) Environments

Understanding the relationship between Facilities and IT is just as important as understanding the realtionship between the End User, Engineering and Contracting teams.  Service, Commissioning and Testing also have their place.

HVAC Equipment

We've been keeping critical processes cool since 1995.

MonMan Mission Critical HVAC

Whether it's servers, a production line, laboratory or institutional/educational cooling, we have worked with some of the world's largest organizations, helping them find cost-effective, reliable and efficient means of keeping their critical space conditioned.


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